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  • Chelsio T420-BT 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Card - Part ID: T420-BT

Chelsio T420-BT 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Card - Part ID: T420-BT

10GBase-T Unified Wire Adapter, Dual-Port, RJ45 connector, PCIe x8 Gen2, low profile


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Chelsio’s T420-BT is a dual port 10GBase-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet Unified Wire adapter with PCI Express 2.0 host bus interface. It is capable of providing two 10GbE ports by using standard RJ-45 connectors with Twisted Pair Cat-6a cables.

T420-BT is optimized for cloud computing, HPC, virtualization, storage, and other data center applications. The fourth- generation (T4) technology from Chelsio provides the highest 10GbE performance and dramatically lowers host system CPU communications overhead with on-board hardware that off-loads TCP/IP, iSCSI, FCoE and iWARP RDMA processing from its host system.

The Unified Wire Solution

With the T420-BT, Chelsio is enabling a unified wire for LAN, SAN and cluster traffic. This unified wire was made possible by the high band-width and low latency of 10GbE combined with storage and cluster pro-tocols operating over TCP/IP (iSCSI, FCoE and iWARP respectively).

In parallel, operating systems and hypervisors have incorporated native support for iSCSI and database applications are now supporting file- based storage protocols such as NFS as an alternative to SANs.

T420-BT includes a full-fledged integrated Traffic Manager for robust flow control, traffic management and QoS.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) provides a transition path from lega-cy SANs to converged networks. Expanding its unified wire approach, Chelsio has added FCoE hardware support to the new T420-BT adapter.

The adapter’s quad ports and IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation/failover fea-tures are ideal for critical network applications that require redundancy and high-availability capabilities.

T420-BT Ethernet-only networking reduces the data center’s cost in net-work adapters, cables, switches, rack space, power, equipment spares, management tools, planning, networking skills, and installation.


  • PCI Express Gen2 x8
  • Low Latency
  • Full TCP & UDP offload
  • TCP Chimney
  • Full iSCSI, FCoE offload
  • Full iWARP RDMA offload
  • EVB, VEPA, Flex10, VNTag
  • Integrated media streaming offload
  • HW based firewall in the cloud
  • Traffic filtering & management


Data-Center Networking

  • Scale up servers and NAS systems
  • Link servers in multiple facilities to synchronize data centers
  • Consolidate LAN, SAN, and cluster networks

Cloud Computing

  • Virtualization features to maximize cloud scaling and utilization
  • Runs InfiniBand, Fibre Channel apps unmodified on Ethernet
  • Cloud ready functional and management features
  • QoS and Traffic management

Networked Storage

  • Enable high performance NAS systems and Ethernet-based IP SANs
  • Develop shared-storage systems providing both file- and block-level services

High Performance Computing

  • Very low latency Ethernet
  • Increase cluster fabric bandwidth
  • Deploy Ethernet-only networking for cluster fabric, LAN, and SAN

Technical Specification

Host Interface 

  • PCI Express Gen2 x8
  • MSI-X, MSI and support for legacy pin interrupts

High Performance RDMA

  • Low latency and line rate bandwidth
  • Enhanced RDMA primitives
  • iWARP support on Linux OFED
  • Microsoft Network Direct support

UDP & Multicast Offload

  • UDP Sockets API
  • Low user-to-user latency
  • Multicast replication on ingress or egress


  • 128 Virtual and 8 Physical functions
  • 144 port virtual switch
  • EVB, VEPA, Flex10, VNTag
  • 336 virtual MAC addresses


  • Full HBA FCoE (Initiator or Target)
  • Open-FCoE Offload (Initiator)
  • CRC32 offload generation & verification
  • Ingress & Egress ACL (Access Control List)

iSCSI Acceleration

  • Full iSCSI initiator and target mode stack
  • CRC32 offload generation & verification
  • iSCSI proxy switching based on SCSI CDB
  • Full HBA offload

TCP/IP Full Offload

  • Full TCP implementation including IPv4 & IPv6
  • Microsoft Chimney support
  • Extensive RFC compliance, fully featured stack
  • Full TCP Proxy between any set of connections
  • VLAN support up to 4096 different VLAN IDs
  • Load balancing and Fail-over capabilities

Stateless Offloads

  • TCP/UDP checksum offload for IPv4 & IPv6
  • TSO, LRO, LSO, and GSO for IPv4 & IPv6
  • VLAN filtering, insertion & extraction
  • Line rate packet filtering and attack protection
  • Fine granularity time stamping (down to 4ns)
  • Ethernet Routing (packet header rewrite)
  • Packet Tracing and Packet Sniffing


  • IEEE 802.3ae (10 GbE)
  • IEEE 802.3z (1 GbE) compliant
  • IEEE 802.IP priority
  • IEEE 802.IQ VLAN tagging
  • IEEE 802.1Qbg EVB/VEPA
  • IEEE 802.1Qbh VNTag
  • IEEE 802.3x flow control
  • IEEE 802.3ad load-balancing and failover
  • Ether II and 802.3 encapsulated frames
  • Multiple MAC addresses per interface
  • Jumbo Frames up to 9.6Kbytes

Physical and Environmental

  • Dimensions without bracket: 6.6 in. x 2.71 in. or 16.76 cm x 6.88 cm
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 55ºC or 32 to 131ºF
  • Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%
  • Airflow: 200 lf/m


  • 1-year limited hardware warranty – free repair or replacement for faulty hardware due to Chelsio defect or failure.
  • Extend warranty to 3 years can be purchased within first year.
  • 30 days free technical support, software maintenance & upgrades with the purchase of any Chelsio adapter or software product.

Ordering Info

Model: T420-BT
Physical Interface: Dual port RJ-45 / 10GBase-T
Connector: RJ-45 / Cat-6a
Media: Twisted Pair

Support and Warranty Package Ordering Info

Gold Support Plan - 40 hours extended technical support: Onsite, 24-hr response/replacement
Silver Support Plan - 4 hours extended technical support: Onsite, 24-hr response/replacement
3 year extended hardware warranty (per adapter)


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